Emma's Springerle

Easter nest 8 pieces

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Das Häschen im Osternest
Hase bringt Osterhase, Hahn, Herz mit Maiglöckchen, Osterhase, springender Hase, Häschen und Osterei

Complete your Easter nest with Springerle.

  • Size: different sizes
  • Weight: approx. 200g
  • Quantity: 8 pieces

 Ingredients: Eggs, powdered sugar, spelt flour and aniseed

Springerle - a traditional pastry
Springerle are a popular picture pastry, especially in southern Germany at Advent and Christmas time, with historical roots that go far back into the Middle Ages and were once baked for a wide variety of occasions and customs. Often the beautiful and pure white pastry was delivered as a valuable gift or "offering".

A valuable gift
Springerle & Model This also explains the diverse images and symbolic motifs that are depicted on the Springerle. Thus, each era puts a cultural-historical stamp on the pastry and the model engravers or bakers talk about the image with the connoisseur of the Springerle.
Due to the high-priced ingredients, the Springerle was reserved in the Middle Ages only for very distinguished and rich families, especially the nobility and high church dignitaries. It was not until the industrial mass production of sugar from the middle of the 19th century that it became cheaper and could be bought and processed by a wider section of the population.