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Emma's Springerle at the SWR Treffpunkt

On 20.11.2022, the team from SRW Treffpunkt was a guest and accompanied a Springerle baking course.

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Easter nest 8 pieces

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Das Häschen im Osternest
Hase bringt Osterhase, Hahn, Herz mit Maiglöckchen, Osterhase, springender Hase, Häschen und Osterei

Your personal and traditional gift

Emma's personalized Springerle

Your customers, guests and loved ones have never received anything like this before: A unique and personalized traditional pastry! For the next corporate event, the big birthday or the dream wedding, your very personal Springerle are what makes the occasion a gift.

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Your logo, coat of arms, name or engraving is embossed with the utmost care on the delicious Springerle. So you get your unique Springerle in the quality and taste experience you know and love from Emma's Springerle.
Emma's personalized Springerle are made with love, patience and a lot of craftsmanship in numerous flavors and shapes - so there is something for everyone.

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Springerle Workshop

Learn all the secrets and tips so that you also succeed the picture pastry with the famous "little feet".

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Springerle Workshop

Emma's Springerle

Our products

Springerle - the traditional pastry is especially in southern Germany at Advent and Christmas time widespread picture pastry with historical roots.

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Model aus dem Änis-Paradies

Diese Model sind Abgüsse von alten und neuen original Holzmodel.
Die Model bestehen aus einem Gießharz. Einfach im Gebrauch eignen sie
sich bestens zum Backen und Basteln. Diese Model sind aus einem
Lebensmittelechten Material.
originalgetreuen Abformungen zeigen in manchen Fällen die Spuren der
Zeit, wie sie auch auf den teilweise sehr alten Originalen zu finden

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Emma's model world

Our Springerlemodel are made of ecologically safe biopolymer and are a clean alternative to common industrial materials.

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About Emma and her Springerle

Welcome to our world of Springerle and Model. My name is Emma-Maria Michaela Schwarz and I am very pleased that you have found your way to us.

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Our location

The Albgut - a land a hundred years ago takes you into a seemingly bygone world, which we are carefully developing into the future.

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The story of Emma's Springerle

My name is Emma-Maria Michaela Schwarz and I am very pleased that you have found your way to us. As a native Swabian, I have always been familiar with Springerle. However, it was only by chance in 2004 that I found out that this was my passion - I was offered the opportunity to become a sales partner for the Springerle Model from Änis-Paradies. My love for the traditional Springerle pastry was quickly kindled. In baking courses I learned to make the handcrafted Springerle with different recipes and techniques and tinkered with my personal and unique Springerle recipe.

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