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About us

About Emma and her Springerle

Welcome to our world of Springerle and Model. My name is Emma-Maria Michaela Schwarz and I am very pleased that you have found your way to us.

As a native Swabian, Springerle have always been a familiar concept to me. However, it was only by chance in 2004 that I found out that this was my passion - I was offered the opportunity to become a sales partner for the Springerle Model from Änis-Paradies. My love for the traditional Springerle pastry was quickly kindled. I learned to bake Springerle in baking courses, using various recipes and techniques, and tinkered with my own personal and unique Springerle recipe.

From the home kitchen, the increasing demand quickly drove us into the basement with expanded bakery. But even that was soon bursting at the seams and so in 2019 I made the decision to finally make the passion Springerle a full-time profession.

Since then, Emma's Springerle GmbH has been the first home of our Springerle before they conveniently arrive at your doorstep via delivery service. Specialty stores throughout Germany also carry our Springerle at Christmas time.

From September 2019, the new home of Emma's Springerle will be the Albgut Münsingen. This historic military camp in the Swabian biosphere region is the location of finest traditional manufactures. The historic BT15 building houses our handcrafted production, which can be admired through glass walls. Also the world's largest model exhibition and sale with over 1000 motifs invites you to linger and browse.

Please feel free to visit us at Albgut or at our market stalls. I would personally be very happy to inspire you with my enthusiasm, our fine pastries, the beautiful models as well as our craftsmanship.

Michaela Schwarz